Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Settling Into Life in Lae, PNG

We arrived in Lae and were helped immensely by other missionaries. There are five Germans and two Australians working in Lae with the Lutheran Church. They drove us around to purchase what we needed to set up house, buy household goods and groceries, open a bank account, etc. We are provided housing on Ampo, the complex of ELC-PNG, the national Lutheran Church headquarters, and have a very nice post-house. We have a lovely backyard with papaya and banana trees and tropical flowers. We also inherited a cat, Tiger, a yellow tabby survivor from earlier missionary occupants. Sam is a workman who also came with the house. He watches over the property and tends the yard and garden. It is hot and humid in Lae (over 200 inches of rain/year) and housekeeping can be a challenge.


  1. Nancy and Rod - I've heard about you a bit from Miriam ... most surprised to stumble across you on the PNG Gossip newsletter. I was in Lae until May 2008 - last Canuck in the ELC-PNG it seems ....

    I remember many afternoons on that verandah ... with a revolving crew of occupants in that house!

    PNGBonnie now in Ottawa

  2. Nancy, Rod,
    Ian Graue ...Bonnie suggested you are blogging, so i have checked it out. How are you going? all settled in? Hope the transition hasn't been too brutal...for me (ex Aussie) after 15yrs in the tropics, MN winter is a real shocker. keep up the good work.